Ridel-Energy’s Energy Storage Tanks

Ridel-Energy’s Energy Storage Tanks are specially designed for the storage of calories or frigories.

Being used for storage in primary or domestic water, in hot or chilled water, our energy storage tanks will allow you to optimize the use of your  refrigeration installations and of your water heaters.

Installed on the chiller circuit of a refrigeration unit or on your hot water circuit, Ridel-Energy’s Energy Storage Tanks will help you to :

  • Absorb consumption peaks
  • Prevent the short cycles of your installation
  • And thus decrease your energy consumption

Economisez de l'energie Stockeurs d'energie Ridel Energy

Our line of Energy storage tanks Ridel-Energy

Discover the technical specificity of Ridel-Energy’s Storage Tanks

Ridel Prem energy storage in primary water
Ridel Xeo ice water tank
Ridel Vera enameled storage tank
Ridel Vera enameled ice water tank