Ridel Energy’s Heat Recovery Equipment

Ridel Energy’s Heat Recovery Equipment

Refrigeration Heat Recovery

Ridel-Energy is the premier French manufacturer of refrigeration heat recovery equipment.

All Ridel-Energy products are made in France (Normandie region) since 1974.

Our equipment produces hot water by recovering the wasted heat from your refrigeration system. You can then use this hot water for other purposes such as processing, Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and heating.

Heat recovery from refrigeration units Ridel-Energy

Refrigerant heat exchangers are immerged into the storage water :

  • Optimized heat exchange,
  • Simultaneous heat recovery on multiple refrigeration groups/units,
  • Simplified installation: saving of one circulation pump per refrigeration circuit.

A double heat exchange in technical water :

  • This prevents the development of bacteria such as legionella,
  • No heat shock required, which further decrease the energy consumption,
  • Storage of calories in technical water prevents rust and limescale : prolonged life span and minimal maintenance required.

Our Range


Range : standard or custom-made

All refrigerant : HFC – HFO – Nat Ref

Cooling power : from 1 kW to 4,5 MW

Volume : from 200 L to 90 M3

Insulation : indoor or outdoor

Heat Recovery on chillers

Heat recovery from refrigeration units - Chillers

Heat recovery on chillers, air compressors, solar pannels etc….

Storage tank using a heat transfer fluid (MEG/MPG/PCM),

Immerged secondery exchanger with small volume and a large heat exchange surface – from 5 kW to 1 200 kW,

Preheating or instant preparation of domestic hot water,

Zero risk of development of bacteria (such as legionella) : no heat shock required,

Energy add-on available on demand : electric, gas, steam, renewable energies, heat recovery.