Domestic Hot Water Production

Domestic Hot Water Production

Domestic Hot Water Production

With years of expertise in manufacturing Domestic Hot Water heaters, Ridel-Energy has a wild range of high water heater made in France.

Our domestic hot water production ranges are developed for community facilities, the tertiary sector and for industries.

Hot water production can be achieved through gas burners, electrical heaters, renewable energies or through a mix of theses sources.

Ridel-Energy’s domestic hot water production units are made in enamel-coated steel, black steel or stainless steel, depending on the usage (DHW or technical water) or the preference of the client.

Combined with our heat recovery equipment and our energy storage tanks, they will allow you to :

  • prioritize the use of renewable energies for your hot water production,
  • heat your water during off-peak hours,
  • absorb consumption peaks,
  • prevent your installation from short-cycling,
  • decrease your energy consumption.
Domestic hot water production Ridel-Energy

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