We provide a complete package for each project, assisting our clients from design to delivery.

Ridel-Energy can provide an all-inclusive, bespoke package that guides and support the client through all steps of their energy saving project.

R&D - Design - Costing

After-Sales Service

R&D - Bureau d'études - Chiffrage Ridel-Energy

Our pre-sales team and our engineering department help you to select and size the equipment you need.

They also assist you in developing customized technical solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Service Après Vente Ridel-Energy

Assistance during the installation and trouble-shooting process, replacement of pieces under guarantee: our after-sales team is at your disposal to ensure an efficient installation.

We also provide you original and quality spare parts to guarantee the optimal performance of your Ridel-Energy equipment.

Additional Accessories

Subsidies & Funding

Accessoires complémentaires de Ridel-Energy

To complete your Ridel-Energy installation, we provide you with an additional range of materials and accessories, carefully selected by our team.

Hydraulic kits, electrical kits, immersion heaters, expansion systems, plate heat exchangers, circulation pumps, energy meters, water heaters.


Wilo Salmson for circulation pumps,
Dhiel Metering for energy meters.

CEE Ridel-Energy

Depending on your local regulations, your heat recovery solution may be eligible for subsidies, part-funding or investment tax allowances.

This could help to finance part, or all, of the of the heat recovery equipment and its installation.

Please refer to your relevant authorities for more information or ask us to assist you in this process.