Ridel-Energy - The Company

Ridel-Energy - The Company

Ridel-Energy - The Company



Where we started – 2012

The first Ridel heat recovery equipment was invented and patented in 1975 to be connected to a milk tank on a farm in Normandy, France. After a few years of commercial success, interest in energy savings decreased and this equipment became less of a focus.

In 2012 the product was launched again by François-Xavier Lechevalier under the name Ridel-Energy, and quickly became a leading player in the heat recovery industry.

Today we design, develop and manufacture heat recovery equipment in France.

The equipment produces hot water by recovering the wasted heat from refrigeration systems. This heat can then be used for other purposes such as processing, Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and heating.


External growth – 2018

To continue to offer additional products and services to its clients, Ridel-Energy continues its development with the acquisition of a second industrial site located in Gisors, France.

This new factory specializes in the industrialized manufacturing of enamel-coated water heaters (gas-fired hot water heaters and electrical hot water heaters) and hot or chilled water storage tanks.

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The Team

Philippe Ridel
Industrial Explorer

Francois-Xavier Lechevalier Ridel-Energy

François-Xavier Lechevalier
Executive Director

Ludovic Pierre
Business Development

Agnès Henriet
Executive Assistant

Mickaël Benard
Design and Technical Department

Thibault Bertrand Ridel-Energy

Thibault Bertrand
Business Development

Jeremy Le Porcher Ridel-Energy

Jérémy Le Porcher
Technical Design

Perrine Leboucher Ridel-Energy

Perrine Leboucher
Sales Manager

Aurélie Crevel Ridel-Energy

Aurélie Crevel

Perrine Leboucher Ridel-Energy

Pauline Cognin
Sales Support


La French Fab Ridel-Energy

Ridel-Energy has been a proud member of the French Fab movement since February 2018.

The values of this organization align perfectly with those of Ridel-Energy : enhancing the local industrial know-how and promoting the french industrial sector.

At Ridel-Energy we sincerly believe that business between companies should be fair and done with respect.

That is why, in December 2015, we signed the code of ethics for Sustainable Suppliers Relationship, which is published and managed by a national corporate council.

Being a supplier for MNCs and also a client of many SMEs, we understand the challenge that small companies can face with their clients.  By signing this code of ethics we wanted to commit Ridel-Energy to healthy and sustainable relationships with all the stakeholders in our production and sales cycle.

Ridel-Energy aims to give value to wasted energies and by doing so decrease the CO² emissions.  Optimizing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of our client is the essence of our business.

It became obvious early on (2016) that a commitment with Reforest’Action would make sense.

Reforest’Action works with many reforestation projects worldwide, while respecting biodiversity principles and sustainable forest management.