Project Description

Refrigeration Heat recovery RidelRef RidelEnergy

Refrigeration Heat Recovery Ridel/Rec

The range Ridel/Ref is made of standard plug-and-play products. Perfect for small scale installations, the Ridel/Ref preheats the water using the heat rejected by the compressors.

Product Description

Its multi-circuit technology allows the connection of multiple units with a minimum of piping for maximum savings.


  • Multi-circuit recovery unit
  • Tank made in thick black steel with exterior rust protection
  • Primary immersion coil in copper in 1/2” – 5/8’’ – 7/8’’
  • Secondary immersion coil in ASHRAE Standard  copper 14/16
  • Quality thermal exchanges which respect the cold quality and improve the efficiency of your equipment


  • Thermometer
  • Manometer / valve calibrated at 3 bar
  • Security pressure switch
  • Draining kit with a shut-off valve
  • Secondary by-pass (optional)
  • Primary recovery units (optional)

Delivery Kit

  • Jacket 50 mm classified M1 Euroclass
  • Plinths of 150 mm
  • Installation and maintenance manuals
  • Delivered on wood palette 80 x 120 mm

Application Fields

  • Cold rooms
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Centralized air conditioning units
  • Milk tanks

Refrigeration Heat Recovery Ridel/Ref

Heat recovery unit for convenience stores Ridel Energy

Icool Unit– PTXISS 21D HP / Rejection power = 20 kW
Heat Recovery Ridel/Ref 300 Litres

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