Project Description

Refrigeration heat recovery RidelRec RidelEnergy

Refrigeration Heat Recovery Ridel/Rec

Ridel-Energy’s core business, the Refrigeration Heat Recovery Ridel/Rec is available in a large range of volumes from 500L to 20,000L. These units are customizable for any refrigeration unit. Designed for large retail stores and light industry, the Ridel/Rec allows you to produce free hot water for domestic use and/or heating.

Product Description

The multi-circuit technology allows you to plug several refrigeration equipment. The submerged technology delivers a maximum efficiency.

– Specifity

  • An efficient Heat recovery equipment
  • Can be use for domestic hot water or heating
  • Double heat exchange guaranteed
  • Excellent quality of thermal exchange
  • Can be installed indoor or outdoor
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Minimum after sales service : it’s easy to uninstall the secondary circuit and the pump


  • Thermometer
  • Manometer / valve calibrated at 3 bar
  • Security pressure switch
  • Draining kit with a shut-off valve
  • Secondary by-pass (in option)
  • Primary recovery units (in option)

Delivery Kit

  • Jacket 50 mm classified M1 Euroclass
  • Plinths of 150 mm
  • Installation and maintenance manuals
  • Delivered on wood palette or wood box

Application Fields

  • Refrigeration groups (positive or negative)
  • Chilled water groups
  • Air-conditioning central units
  • Deep freezing tunnel

Refrigeration Heat Recovery Ridel/Rec RidelEnergy

Heat recovery unit for refrigeration system RecRidel Ridel Energy Refrigeration Heat Recovery Ridel/Rec

Rec/Ridel 750 Litres

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