Ridel Energy – The Story

The first Ridel heat recovery equipment has been invented and patented in 1975 for it to be plug on a milk tank in a farm of Normandy, France. After a few years of commercial success, interest for energy saving decreased and this equipment became a side product  for the company producing it.

It’s in 2012 that the activity is launched again under the name Ridel-Energy, and became in a few year a leading player in the heat recovery industry.

We design, develop and manufacture heat recovery equipment in France. They can be used for the production of heating, hot water and process water. Building on a thermodynamic principle and on original patents, we are constantly investing in research and development, targeting a state of permanent innovation.

While studying the production activities of our clients we reached 2 simple observations :

  • Important volumes of heat are unnecessarily discarded into the environment .
  • Everyone is looking to better control their costs and to decrease their energy consumption.

Our equipment responds to these observations: by recovering and reusing the heat rejected by your activity, we help to significantly decrease your energy bills.

An award winning innovative company, Ridel-Energy is in a permanent quest to improve its products performance in order to contribute at its level to the conservation of Earth’s resources.

Recuperateur de chaleur sur centrale frigorifique RecRidel Ridel Energy