Ridel-Energy’s equipment produces hot water from energy you have already consumed.

Recovering the wasted heat of your production tools will create huge energy savings!


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Recuperation de chaleur Exploitation Agricole Ridel Energy

“Our Ridel/Ref provides us with 100% of our daily consumption of hot water. We have hot water at 60°C available at anytime in our workshop. Our electrical heater isn’t used anymore, which decreases as well a lot our maintenance and repair costs.

Recuperation de chaleur Supermarché Ridel Energy

“With the insallation of a Ridel/Rec, we entered an era of energy saving and decreased our operating costs. Our gas bill dropped from 40K€ to 27K€ per year. It is really promising! On top of the energy savings, we also cut down the maintenance cost of our gas air-heaters.”

Eric L, Supermarket

Recuperation de chaleur groupe froid Industrie Ridel Energy

“After installing a Ridel/Cub, instead of using water at 10°C, we are feeding the boiler with preheated water at 50°C. We are no longer heating from 10 to 65°C but from  50 to 65°C.

The storage volume is 25m3 fora daily domestic hot water production of 42m3 at 50°C.

We reduced our gas bill by 50% and got an TOI off less than 3 year”


David P, Danish Crown
Ridel Energy La French Fab