Ridel-Energy’s water heater

Our line of Ridel-Energy’s water heater is designed for production and storage of calories. 

Being use for heating primary or domestic water, with electricity or with gas, our Ridel-Energy water heater will allow you to optimize the use of your water heaters.

Installed on your hot water circuit, Ridel-Energy’s Energy Storage Tanks will help you to :

  • Heat your water during off-peak hours
  • Absorb consumption peaks
  • Prevent the short cycles of your installation
  • And thus decrease your energy consumption

Economisez de l'energie Preparateur d'eau chaude Ridel Energy

Our line of Water heater Ridel-Energy

Discover the technical specifity of our Water Heater Ridel-Energy

electrical water heater Ridel/Ewp
enameled electrical water heater Ridel/E-ws
DHW gas heater Ridel/G-kd
enameled DHW gas heater Ridel/G-cm
enameled DHW gas heater Ridel/G-vt